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How to login at Odnoklassniki.ru english version? How to recover your password? How to register or delete profile?

Hacked page on ok.ru, what to do?

Your profile and Odnoklassniki have been locked for suspected hacking what you need to do to regain its page?

page ok.ru the Page is blocked on suspicion of hacking

Step by Step instructions to restore access to the page:

ATTENTION! This method is recommended only for advanced users! If You suspect that Your computer is infected with virus do NOT use this method and skip to next!
  1. Go to ok.ru or odnoklassniki.ru
  2. In the login form enter your login and password.
  3. You will be taken to a page with information about the status of Your page and see further details.
    Warning. If your computer is infected with a virus is a page of the attacker, do not enter any data there and go to the next method to restore your profile in Odnoklassniki.ru.
  4. You will be given the option to enter a phone number or guess pictures of Your friends.
  5. If You were offered a phone number - enter your number, wait for SMS code, enter it in the appropriate field.
  6. If You were asked to guess the friends - map your photos with Your friends ' names.
  7. then You will get access to the page.

help Section Odnoklassniki

If You are not able to self-recover access please contact support mail.ru:

  1. Go to the page ok.ru
  2. Go to page .
  1. In the section "Problems with access" select "Login and password".
  2. On the page "Username and password", find "can't restore access to the profile.
  3. You need to contact support, click "click here".
  4. will Open form for seeking support of Odnoklassniki.
  5. Fill in all the fields in the form example. On the specified phone number and email address with You will contact the support of your Odnoklassniki.
  6. Write a detailed description of the problem with Your profile. Remember - the application must be written clearly and clear. How could You not nervous about your page, return it can only support staff mail.ru. And the more information You give him, the faster he will be able to help You.
    email Template: Good day!
    My page was hacked. From __ Jan ____ year can't come to your page because when you try to log see the message "Your page has been blocked on suspicion of hacking".
    My old password: 123456
    Please help me regain access to my page. br>
    Bitterly Tatiana
  7. Send email to support using the button Send message and wait for response. At the request of the employee support provide him with the necessary details associated with Your page(photo, names of friends and Odnoklassniki, etc.)

recovery Rate of access depends not only on mail.ru support of Odnoklassniki, but also on how complete and clear information You can provide! To avoid hacking your profile and protect your page, I recommend to read our article on how to hack someone's profile Odnoklassniki, and how the crooks know other people's passwords.

the support Section of Odnoklassniki with information about the lock profile is located at https://ok.ru/help/2/16