Odnoklassniki - my account

How to login at Odnoklassniki.ru english version? How to recover your password? How to register or delete profile?

To delete a page on Odnoklassniki.ru, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the website ok.ru or odnoklassniki.ru. On your profile page scroll down to the bottom - you must be logged in. About log on to My page to Odnoklassniki.ru read more here.
  2. at the Bottom of the page You will see several lists of links. Among them, find the link "Regulations" or "Rules". Click on this link - You will be redirected to the page with the License Agreement.
My page in Odnoklassniki

  1. the Page with the License Agreement also scroll to the bottom. After the text of the Agreement, You will see two links - "Contact support" and "to Refuse services". You need a second, feel free to click on her Bank account and Odnoklassniki.ru will not be deleted until after the last step.
License agreement Odnoklassniki

  1. Select the reason you want to delete your profile and Odnoklassniki.ru is a must.
  2. Enter password from the page and Odnoklassniki.ru.
  3. Click the "Delete forever". Congratulations, You are free! :)
Delete account in Odnoklassniki