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How to login at Odnoklassniki.ru english version? How to recover your password? How to register or delete profile?

Hello, young feeding! If you came to this page - you are on the right track in order to protect their page and Odnoklassniki from the encroachments of hackers and fraudsters.

This article is call to action a guide to hacking other people's pages. We will consider methods of breaking pages in ok.ru in order that You could immediately recognize a fraud and not to give he hack Your page.

Method 1 - malware

If You download some program on the Internet, it can be sewn malicious code that can to be relatively harmless - to show You their ads and dangerous - to read and transfer Your data, erase and encrypt all documents on Your computer to send out viruses to Your friends via Your email, etc.

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a website odnoklassniki.ru a site for hacking into people's pages in the Odnoklassniki.ru

Method 2 - substitution

This is one of the most subtle but effective ways. A rogue site owner is watching when You leave his site to another( while leaving his website open on another tab), or move away from the computer (I don't do his website). After some time, it replaces your site into an exact copy of the authorization form to Odnoklassniki or other the social network. To return to the computer You find an open page Odnoklassniki, enter your username and password, and, suspecting nothing you go to a page. The con artist at this moment there the username and password from Your page, and it is not difficult to crack it.

Method 3 - form entry Odnoklassniki

This method is similar to the previous one, but then you know that you are on another website. If friend or not very people asking You to "verify" your site, the game for Odnoklassniki, or a program, perhaps trying To convince you, or promises a reward please note whether you want to his website to verify Your username and password. If Yes - give up.
the Program of hacking someone else's page on Odnoklassniki.ru

Method 4 - foreign or not-protected Wi-Fi

My neighbor is amused by the fact that the collected database of usernames and passwords to other people's pages. It's not just about the villages in Odnoklassniki, any social network, personal web - he had a collection which he, thank God, for personal gain not used. How'd he get all this data? Very simple - he had an open WiFi access point without a password. And all who sat through it in the Internet unknowingly gave all your details to him.

Method 5 - social engineering

For hacking someone else's page on Ok.ru do not have to be a hacker or a programmer. Social engineering the method requires no knowledge of computer parts, and which can benefit anyone. Social engineering is often used telephone scammers. So what is it? It's very simple - the scammer is rubbed on to You in confidence, and no matter how much time he spent - a few minutes or a few months. Because of the person you trust not to forward catch. Or messanic trying to crank it faster and to put pressure on the pity, threaten - to do everything to unsettle You and make you tell the information he needs. Here is an example: Me uneasy man called, he said he had the wrong phone number when you restore your password for Odnoklassniki. This password is available to all of his personal data, correspondence, photos and he is very worry about them. He asked me to dictate the code from the SMS and delete it.
Feel the catch? Code always comes to the same number, which is registered in a page on Odnoklassniki.ru. If the code required for password recovery to HIS, he would not have come to MY mobile phone! But people who do not understand this often fall for the bait, so: Another example of long-term social engineering - to You and added to friends cute girl/young people. You for a long time (possibly several months) texting. And the person finds out Your password from You. this can be Done in several ways - just to ask, to offer "interesting" page, which you need to enter your username and password from Odnoklassniki, offer to install some application/program, or to send a link to your website.
antivirus for page protection from hacking Download from suspicious sources ok.ru

If You can't come to your page and Odnoklassniki - forgot password or it says that it was blocked for suspected hacking unlock it using step by step instructions.